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Bio Hazard Plus/Medical Solutions is a dependable service with 100% money back guarantee. We offer competitive prices with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. The staff is trained and certified with 15 years of experiences fully permitted and insured, they are trained to handle any type of disposal needs. BHP Medical Solutions will solve your disposal needs. BHP Medical Solutions will solve your disposal problems Whether Medical, Veterinary, Dental or any Medical Facility. We guarantee pick-up or service is FREE!

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We specialize in servicing hospitals & health care facilities for all their disposal needs...
What BHP/Medical Solutions means to you?

- Dependable service with 100% money back Guarantee.

- Compliance with all necessary requirements

- Fully licensed, permitted and insured

- Competitive prices

- No hidden fees

- No long-term contracts

- Well-trained and certified staff

Guaranteed Pick-up or service is FREE!